Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Partner: J S Sports

Effective January 5

Classes will range from 45 minutes - 1 hour.

AquaFit will be CANCELED if outside temperature is below 60 degrees (according to The Weather Bug) 30 minutes prior to class.

For questions or to be added to our JFit email list, contact group fitness director Paulina Hartman at or 561-712-5230.

Fresh Year, Fresh Start!
Sunday, January 26 - Friday, January 31, 2020

Become a new member during this week and your first-time annual Facility Fee (valued at $75) will be waived. To receive promo, please mention this ad. Sign in required at the front desk.

For more info please contact 561-570-2427.


Time Class Instructor
8:15 am TRX Fusion Peter
9:30 am Boot Camp Kelly W.
10:30 am Aqua Fit Robin
10:30 am Zumba® Elsie
11:30 am SilverSneakers® Classic Aylin
12:30 pm Lunch CRUNCH Paulina
6:00 pm Zumba® Chika


Time Class Instructor
8:30 am Yoga Flow Loni
9:30 am Sculpt Loni
10:30 am Aqua Fit Robin
10:30 am Gentle Cardio PLUS Dana
11:30 am Chair Yoga Allison
12:30 pm Parkinson's Foundation Exercise Class Jeanne
6:00 pm Total Body Circuit Kelly


Time Class Instructor
8:15 am TRX Lydia
9:00 am Pilates Ellen
9:30 am Zumba® Elsie
10:30 am Aqua Fit Shari
10:30 am Back 2 Basics Paulina
11:30 am SilverSneakers®
Balance & Stability


Time Class Instructor
8:30 am Boot Camp Peter
9:30 am Sculpt Ellen
10:30 am Zumba® + Zumba® Toning Aylin
10:30 am Aqua Fit Robin
11:30 am Young Hearted Yoga Dr. Kamara
12:30 pm Parkinson's Foundation Exercise Class Aylin
6:00 pm Total Body Circuit Peter


Time Class Instructor
8:15 am TRX Fusion Peter
9:30 am Barre Above Ellen
9:30 am STRONG by Zumba® Paulina
10:30 am Aqua Fit Robin
10:30 am TGIF Yoga Ellen
11:30 am SilverSneakers®


Time Class Instructor
10:00 am Zumba® Ang / Elsie
11:00 am Yoga Flow Allison
1:00 pm Aqua Fit Gisela

Class Descriptions

B - Beginners ; I - Intermediate ; A - Advanced

Aqua Fit – Get a whole body workout with half the impact on your joints. A fun workout in our shallow water pool that will strengthen the cardiovascular system while toning your major muscle groups. Water barbells, noodles are used to increase resistance and intensity. (B,I,A)

Back 2 Basics – this class is great for everyone especially those who are new to fitness or just getting back into it. During class we will focus on form and technique all while getting a workout. Not only will this improve form but also confidence and help prevent injuries as well. (B,I,A)

Barre AboveTM – Barre AboveTM is an eclectic and progressive method of barre training for all bodies. Barre AboveTM is based on functional movements in all three planes of motion to create strength, flexibility, and balance in the body and guaranteeing a fun, effective, and efficient workout for all fitness levels. (B,I,A)

Boot Camp – Need an extra push? This high intensity, high impact class will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. This class will focus on strength, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility/mobility giving you a total body workout. (I,A)

Chair Yoga – Not everyone can get up and down off the floor easily making traditional yoga classes difficult. With the help of a chair, students will perform postures, stretches and breathing exercises to help improve circulation, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength. (B,I,A)

Gentle Cardio PLUS - Thirty minutes of low impact, simple choreography,fun aerobic exercises set to music you can sing along to. Followed by 15 minutes of strength work, including a focus on core strength and balance. The strength portion of class will include the use of hand weights or resistance bands. (This is NOT a chair-based class.) (B,I,A)

Lunch CRUNCH – This 30 minute class is all about the abs! HIIT your middle with core training exercies mixed with intervals of cardio.

Mat Pilates – This mat class employs controlled breathing during body weight resisted movements designed to build core strength. (B,I,A)

Parkinson’s Foundation Exercise Class – This class is designed to improve posture, strength and balance for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. It is also great for those with other movement disorders. (B)

Range of Motion – Whether you’re into yoga or not this class is perfect for you. This class will combine athletic based stretches with exercises and movements that will help improve joint mobility and range of motion. We’ll use several methods of stretch (static, PNF, dynamic) and listen to upbeat music and give your body the perfect stretch and release it needs. (B,I,A)

Sculpt – Define and strengthen your body in this awesome muscle conditioning class! This workout is designed to define your muscles, build endurance and give you the results you desire! We will use hand weights, weight bars, body weight, and other equipment to tone your upper body, lower body, and core! (I,A)

SilverSneakers® Balance and Stability – Move through a complete series of exercises designed to improve your balance and give you confidence in your everyday activities. (B)

SilverSneakers® Classic – Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers balls are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support. (B,I)

Strength and Balance – This class combines working with weights, body weight training , and balance. (B,I,A)

STRONG by Zumba® – combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. (A)

TGIF Yoga – This class blends stretching and restorative poses to achieve relaxation and improved flexibility; the perfect way to end the week! (B,I)

Total Body Circuit – Get a challenging workout as you move through a series of stations designed to elevate your heart rate and work your muscles. Stations may include body weight exercises, weights, bars, stability balls, etc. (B,I,A)

TRX® Fusion - TRX Fusion class incorporates numerous TRX suspension exercises along with other exercises using kettle bells, BOSU, battle ropes and lots more. This class will develop strength, endurance, balance and mobility all in a total body workout. (I,A)

TRX® Suspension Training: A revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise using TRX® straps. Perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Try it and you’ll be hooked! (B,I,A)

Yoga Flow – A restorative, yet challenging class designed to balance the mind and body. Formatted around those who attend. (B,I,A)

Young Hearted Yoga — Increase your flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation as you practice traditional yoga postures with breath and meditative movement. Based on Kripalu style yoga, this mat class is safe and effective for most levels of fitness and ability. (B,I,A)

Zumba® – Zumba® is a Latin inspired dance Fitness program. Zumba Gold® is perfect for active seniors or anyone looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves, at a lower-intensity. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. (B,I)

Zumba Toning® – combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba® moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance fitness party. Using Zumba® toning sticks or light weight dumbbells, you'll work every muscle group while you groove. (B,I,A)

For further information:
Paulina Hartman at 561-712-5230 or

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