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Marko Dashev Opening Reception

Wednesday, November 30 at 7:00 pm
Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens
Free and Open to All

What do photographs reveal about your inner self; what do they divulge? This series of images of Orthodox Rabbis, Scholars, Personalities & Musicians invites you to “see inward,” to explore what they expose about their inner essence as well as their vulnerability and strength. What can we learn about ourselves as well? Be PNIMI. American Photographer, Marko Dashev trained with the world’s most famous photographers. Since 1999, his fashion photography earned him Ralph Lauren, Burberry, J Crew, DKNY and others as clients. Marko grew up in a conservative household, and then took up Orthodox Chassidic practice at age 28. The work in this exhibition fuses his intimate knowledge of the Jewish experience in the USA with his profession and passion for meaningful Jewish purpose!

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