Camp Shalom Waitlist FAQ

My camper is on the waitlist; will I be notified if I get a spot?
Yes! As spots become available, we will notify you that your child got in. We will not automatically charge your payment method without your consent.

What if my child gets off the waitlist, but I no longer want or need the spot?
When your camper gets a chance to come off the waitlist, we will contact you. If you no longer want the spot, you don't have to take it and your payment method will not be charged. You are not obligated to come to camp because you placed your camper on the waitlist!

What is the likelihood that my camper will get off the waitlist and get a spot?
We wish we had a crystal ball to answer this question for you! It's really hard to predict what is going to happen with the waitlist. Families know they have until April 28th to reduce their weeks; in past summers, we have had people reduce weeks up to the deadline as they finalize their summer plans.

If I need to guarantee childcare, should I find another option while on the waitlist?
We can't make any promises about getting a spot off the waitlist, so if you really need childcare, we do suggest looking for alternative programs. If a spot opens up to move your camper off the waitlist, you can then accept or decline the spot with no financial obligation.

Can't you just open open more groups to get everyone off the wailist?
As much as we'd love to simply say "yes" to this, we want to make sure we higher the highest quality camp staff that families expect from Camp Shalom. If we can get additional staff, we have no problem opening more groups!

How long can I expect to be on the waitlist?
This depends on many factors: where your spot is on the waitlist, plans changing for campers who are already registered, and if we can get more staff. There is the possibility that it will be a slow process and one week will open up at a time for your camper. We suggest you take each week as it becomes open, as it's highly unlikely that multiple weeks or weeks for siblings will both open at the same time.

If I don't have a spot by the beginning of May, does this mean I'm not getting a spot at all?
No, not necessarily! If we can get more staff to accomodate everyone on the waitlist, we will. Again, we want to make sure we find the right staff to work with your campers this summer!

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