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Distance Learning Support Program
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: You’ve announced Beyond the Bell All Day and Club J All Day as distance learning support programs. What is that exactly?
    A. The goal of our distance learning support program is to provide a safe environment for your children grades K-5 to attend virtual classes and complete their educational requirements. We will support them by helping them log on to classes, making sure they complete assignments, and providing socially distant activities when they are not participating in classes or school-related projects.

    The program will give your child a sense of normalcy for the school year, providing a daily schedule and routine as well as piece of mind for you, knowing that your child will not miss a class or assignment. Our team of counselors and staff will provide an academic setting during the school day and a fun camp-like atmosphere for the afternoon.


  2. Q: How are the children grouped and will they stay with their group with the same counselors? How many children are in a group?
    A. The children will be grouped by grade and by school when possible. We will base our group sizes on public health recommendation and currently are planning for up to ten children in a group with two counselors. While this cap may fluctuate, once formed we will attempt to keep changes to a minimum to support appropriate social distancing.


  3. Q: What are the safety precautions being taken and policies in regards to social distancing and masks?
    A. Staff will wear masks except when eating, swimming, and when social distanced outside. Children are encouraged to wear masks all day but will only be required to do so during pick up and drop off, transition times, and when inside the building but not in their classroom. During classroom time, tables will be spaced six feet apart so that children are social distanced while participating in distance learning. Our mask policy is subject to change based on evolving community conditions.

    In addition, we are implementing a travel policy asking all staff and families to notify the program director a week prior to the staff member, child, or someone residing with the child is traveling outside Palm Beach/Broward counties. Depending on the travel plan, a self-quarantine or negative Covid-test result may be required before the staff member or child can return.


  4. Q: What will the schedule look like?
    A. It is believed that every school and every teacher may have a different schedule and our schedule will be based on your student’s schedule. It is impossible to determine a specific schedule until closer to the start of the school year. We are planning that during school hours of 8-2pm, students will participate in virtual classes or quiet individualized work including (but not limited to) Palm Beach District Portal learning tools, puzzles, and reading. We recognize this looks different for children in grades K-2 than it does for grades 3-5 and will make adjustments as needed. In addition to virtual learning, we will take time for lunch, outside exercise, brain breaks, snack, and more. We understand the need for balance and our schedules will reflect that.

    After 2pm, students will participate in our more typical afterschool program including swimming, playground, arts and crafts, cooking, sports, and more. For those that need to continue with their homework, they will have the ability to do so at that time as well. Small groups will be maintained throughout the afternoon as well.


  5. Q: If my child finishes their classes and work, do they have to stay in the classroom? Can they participate in another activity while the others finish their work?
    A. In order to support social distancing and the need to keep groups from intermingling, we will try to group children together who have a similar schedule. Within that group if the majority of the children are finished with their work, we will make accommodations for them to participate in another activity while the rest of the students complete their assignment. If there are only one or two children that finish early, they will be able to work on individualized assignments or approved games while they wait quietly at their table.


  6. Q: Will teachers be available to support my child’s learning?
    A. While we are not a school, our goal is to support learning. We will have certified teachers as well as high school and college students available in both locations to provide homework assistance. While we will check for completion and certainly help students with questions, we cannot offer personalized education. The learning piece will remain the responsibility of the teacher and parent. We will do our best to assist when possible.


  7. Q: My child has an IEP or 504. How will you support them?
    A. While we will do everything possible to help all students succeed, we are not academically certified to accommodate IEPs or 504s. Children with an IEP or 504 plan are welcome to attend the program, but it will remain the responsibility of the teacher and parent to accommodate their educational and functional needs. As we strive to create a positive learning environment for all, if a child is a consistent disruption to those around them, we may need to evaluate if this is the right program for their needs.


  8. Q: How will you handle disciplinary issues?
    A. A behavior contract will be included in our parent handbook that must be signed by both the student and parents before starting the program. We will work with families on disciplinary issues, but our priority is the education and success of all of our children and reserve the right to suspend or expel any child that is hindering another child’s ability to learn.


  9. Q: Will lunch be available?
    A. Yes, lunch will be available for purchase. That information will become available in the next week or so.


  10. Q: Can you take children from districts other than Palm Beach County like Broward or private schools?
    A. Yes, we will take children from other districts as long as their schedule is similar to Palm Beach County. Our program will run using the 8am-2pm framework. If your child’s school starts and ends at different times, we cannot promise that we can accommodate that schedule. Please contact your program director to confirm details before registering.


  11. Q: When are the deadlines to register or withdraw?
    A. There is no deadline to register but we can only take a limited number of children and it will be first come first serve with priority going to those registering for the full day program. Once you register you are committed to participating until the program ends or your child is able to go back to public school.


  12. Q: What if the program doesn’t work for my child and I need to take them out?
    A. In support of social distancing guidelines, our programs can only take a limited number of children. When you register for our distance learning support program we are committing that spot to your child. Therefore, we are requiring a commitment from every family that you stay enrolled and are financially committed until your child can return to public school.


  13. Q: If I lose my job or move out of the area, I still can’t get out of the program?
    A. The Mandel JCC’s mission is to serve the needs of our community. We will always consider extenuating circumstances. You can submit a thirty-day written notice that our leadership team will consider. If a waiting list exists for your group and another child commits to the spot you wish to give up, we can accept your withdrawal from the program.


  14. Q: Will you help my child participate in their fine arts classes?
    A. While we will offer activities such as physical education, art, cooking, swimming and sports, our distance learning support program will only accommodate academic learning through the schools. We can certainly assist your child in participating in their fine arts online if you opt into this selection, but are unable to provide any additional supplies or accommodations needed.


  15. Q: Does my child need to bring school supplies?
    A. Yes, your child should bring all school supplies required by their teacher. Since each teacher has unique requirements, we will not be able to provide supplies. If your child does not bring the necessary supplies, we cannot guarantee that their school work will be completed.


  16. Q: As a parent, what is expected of me?
    A. Communication will be key throughout this program. As a parent, you will need to make sure your child comes to the Mandel JCC prepared with their school supplies and assignments. You will need to provide our program directors with any teacher correspondence or updates. You will also need to provide your child’s student ID # and passwords so we can help them log in. Our team will reach out as needed for additional expectations and requirements. This is a team effort and we cannot be successful without your help!


  17. Q: How will I know how my child is doing?
    A. We will provide a general program update weekly and each day your child will come home with documentation that their work is completed. We will reach out if necessary, but your main contact about your child’s educational progress should be your child’s teacher.


  18. Q: Can my child that is registered for Florida Virtual School or Palm Beach Virtual School attend this program?
    A. The schedule followed for our academic support program will be 8am-2pm. If your child can participate in that schedule, we welcome them. Please contact the program director to discuss in more detail and to confirm that we can meet your child’s needs.


  19. Q: What happens if we have a forced shut down?
    A. If we have to close due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to weather emergencies, natural disasters, threats, and global health emergencies for more than ten days, you will receive an account credit (not cash refund) for the days that were missed and additional payments will be suspended.


  20. Q: What program options are available and much do they cost?
    A. There will be three options for participation in our distance learning program.

    All Day: 8am-6pm, $875 a month
    School Day Only: 8am-3pm, $695 a month
    Afterschool Only: 3-6pm, $295 a month

    A $50 registration fee and the first month’s payment will be due upon registration. Priority registration will be given for those registering for the all day program.

    The total program price takes into account Jewish holidays as well as the November and December school schedules. This amount is spread throughout so that the same payment is made each month regardless of the number of days the children are in school.


  21. Q: Will you offer a special needs program?
    A. Yes, we will be offering a self-contained program with a higher student to teacher ratio with staff members who have a strong background in ESE.


  22. Q: Will you offer scholarship?
    A. Yes, there will be limited scholarship available to support our community as we recognize this was not something that families anticipated or budgeted for. You can apply for scholarship by July 30th online at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/4KJ23.


  23. Q: How do we register?
    A. Registration will open on Thursday, July 16th at noon at JCConline.com/distancelearning. Although registration is open to everyone at the same time, priority will be given to those registering for our full day 8am-6pm program and to those that have already registered for our afterschool program.

    If you have already registered for afterschool for this year, you can use your deposit towards payment for this program. If you will choose not to participate in this program, your deposit will revert to a credit on your JCC account to use when the children are back in school and we are able to offer our typical aftercare program.


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